NanoBeam M5 is making it's way out into the world and we wanted to share the good news with you. WISPs all over are experiencing the power of the new CPE and the elegance of the new design; especially during installation. Check out the latest NanoBeam M5 customer stories and maybe share one of your own.
UniFi is a great solution for hospitality Wi-Fi
Crowne Plaza Hickory, North Carolina, has just installed a faster, more reliable WiFi network with the help of Hickory Computer. They are now able to provide high-quality Internet access to it's guests and corporate clients.
Dixie IP sees tremendous growth with UWN
The results are coming in and Dixie IP is another WISP that has seen tremendous growth with the Ubiquiti World Network. Their first campaign saw their leads grow by 1200% of what they normally see. Congrats Dixie IP!
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