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airMAX Titanium Advanced RF Isolation, Variable Antenna Beamwidth, Gigabit Ethernet, Up to 20% Faster airMAX speeds

Introducing airMAX™ Titanium

airMAX Titanium has been designed to offer operators higher-end performance and features for airMAX infrastructure deployments. Featuring a faster processor, airMAX Titanium Rockets can provide up to 20% faster performance.  

Advanced RF isolation and variable antenna beamwidth allow for operators to build more robust and scalable airMAX PtMP networks.

Rocket Titanium

Rocket Titanium

Rocket™ Titanium is the most powerful airMAX BaseStation to date. It features 802.3af compliant PoE (Power over Ethernet), gigabit Ethernet, a GPS receiver, advanced RF shielding, and a faster processor that can provide up to a 20% increase in performance.

Bullet Titanium, airMAX Titanium Sectors

The Bullet™ Titanium features an RF shielded enclosure and a watertight Ethernet connector. It can instantly transform any antenna into a carrier-class radio system. PoE and Right Angle Adapter included.

Titanium Sectors combined with Titanium Rockets provide advanced RF isolation for multi-sector basestation deployments. In addition, Titanium Sectors feature adjustable beamwidths from 60 to 120 degrees.

*Faster processor and gigabit Ethernet not featured in Bullet Titanium.

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