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AirMax - 900MHz & 3GHz AirMax Products : Rocket M365, Rocket M900, NS Loco M900, NS M365, AM-3G18-120, AM-900M13-120

M900 AirMax

Revolutionary 900MHz 2x2 MIMO AirMax TDMA Performance:

  • 100Mbps+ Real Throughput using 20MHz wide channels
  • 40Mbps+ Real Throughput using 10MHz wide channels
  • 20Mbps+ Real Throughput using 5MHz wide channels

M365 AirMax

FCC 3.65GHz registration database helps provide protection and coordination between multiple operators. The result is reliable, carrier class links with no interference.

M900 & M365 AirMax Products   *Shipping in August   **Shipping end of August

AirRouter Shipping end of July

Introducing AirRouter, Ubiquiti's first indoor commerical WiFi Router featuring powerful AirOS features. Capable of connecting over 100 meters away at 150 Mbps speeds.

AirRouter is an indoor ultra-long range 802.11n WiFi Access point that features 5 X 10/100 BASE-TX (Cat 5, RJ-45) Ethernet Ports, USB Port, and an integrated antenna.

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Universal Arm Bracket

Introducing Universal Arm Bracket (UB-AM) by Ubiquiti. Designed for wall or poles, UB-AM provides a versatile and robust solution for mounting all of your devices. Now Shipping.

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